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Meet The Property Manager, Brian Corbett

Interested in how a property manager can benefit you and your property? It’s easy! Just watch the video below for more information!


Brian Corbett, here at Flagship Property Management has lots of information on how a quality property manager can benefit you! Make sure if you have any additional questions to contact us! We are always happy to help!

Nuts & Bolts of Property Management

Have you ever wondered if you need a property manager? Flagship Property Management’s Brian Corbett goes over some of the basic reasons why someone may need a property manager.



A good property manager will do…

  • Expansive marketing for your property
  • Draw in leads and increase applicants
  • Maintain contact with tenant to ensure good condition of property
  • Ensure maintenance issues are addressed
  • Monthly rent collection- security deposit, etc.
  • Handle everything appropriately and in a timely fashion


Check out this video and give us a call if you need a property manager!

Seasonal Preparations

It’s officially fall and as the holidays roll in and life gets crazier, do NOT forget to prepare for the cold. Seasonal preparations are a key part in ensuring safety and keeping home maintenance low.

Flagship’s very own, Brin Corbett, talks about the importance of preparing your home or rental ready for the change in weather.


Some tips to keep in mind include but are not limited to:

  • Ensure pools, grills, fire pits, all other outdoor necessities are properly prepared for winter.
  • Check bulbs on lamps and lanterns to ensure proper lighting when there is less daylight.
  • Be sure to check heating systems prior to the initial cold day.
  • Make sure to clean and check gutters to clean out leaves and other debris.
  • Test smoke detectors and carbon monoxide alarms to ensure safety.
  • Clear leaves and debris from foundation of the home and decks to prevent moisture build up.
  • Ensure indoor fireplaces are clean and ready for use.
  • Double check pipes (inside and outside) to take extra precautions against freezing and bursting.
  • Buy salt or sand to prepare for any ice that may occur.

Make sure to take Brian Corbett’s tips into consideration when preparing for the weather change!

Happy {Safe} Halloween Y’all!

Halloween can be all fun and games, but safety should ALWAYS come first!

Take a look at these safe trick or treating tips to have a fun and safe night!

  1. Always stick together with your group. Never let anyone stray away alone.
  2. Cross streets at corners and look both ways before crossing. Pay close attention to traffic signals, if applicable.
  3. Make sure children always have adult supervision.
  4. Have children wear glow sticks or carry flashlights so they can see and be seen.
  5. Drive safe and slow down! Be aware of children crossing the streets.

Make sure to take these tips into consideration. Most of all, have a fun and safe Halloween from all of us here at Flagship Property Management in Greenville, North Carolina!

Local Property Manager Joins National Association

Flagship Property Management is a local leader in the residential property management field. Flagship was recentlty accepted as a member of the National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM), joining more that 5,000 residential property managers from throughout the United States and internationally. The National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM) provides resources for residential property management professionals who desire to increase their knowledge, grow and build relationships.


NARPM is the nation’s only professional organization for managers of small residential properties, from single units to 4-plexes. Members represents over $6 billion worth of residential properties nationwide. Flagship Property Management considers this a huge honor and is excited to continue to grow and learn.

Official NARPM Logo

NARPM was founded in 1988 and continues to grow rapidly. It provides networking, education, and public relations service to professionals within the residential property management arena. NARPM annual conventions are the most comprehensive means of education available to this profession. One day courses are taught throughout the county. The Association administers Residential Management Professional (RMP), the Master Property Manager (MPM). In addition, the Certified Residential Management Company (CRMC) designation program, along with the Certified Support Specialist (CSS), Certified Maintenance Coordinator (CMC), and Certified Residential Management Bookkeeper certifications. For more information of NARPM, please contact 800-782-3452.


Here at Flagship, we are happy to be a member of NARPM and happy to tell you know why we joined! Please contact us at or 252-364-4944 with any questions.

The Rental Guide- Carpet Cleaning

Tired of seeing stains embedded in your carpets? Maybe its from that time you spilled a cup or coffee or perhaps from all the heavy foot traffic that surrounds your front door. Whatever the case might be, the question remains up to you,  “How are you going to clean your carpets?”

Will you spend hundreds on professional carpet cleaning services, blame you landlord’s previous tenants, or clean it yourself? For those “DIY-ers” out there, here are some suggestions for those pesky carpet stains!


  1. Saturate the stain with water.
  2. Blot it until merely damp, with as many towels as it takes.
  3. Mix 2 cups water and 2 cups white distilled vinegar in a spray bottle.
  4. Saturate the stain with the vinegar mixture.
  5. Get a stiff (but not wire!) brush and rub the mixture into the fibers and padding.
  6. Blot it up until merely damp, with as many towels as it takes.
  7. Sprinkle a heavy layer of baking soda onto the stain.
  8. Use the brush to work the baking soda into the fibers and padding.
  9. Mix 1 teaspoon dish soap into 1 cup peroxide.
  10. Saturate the baking soda and all the carpet underneath with the peroxide mixture.
  11. Use the brush to work the peroxide mixture into the baking soda, fibers, and padding.
  12. Blot up the excess until merely damp, with as many towels as it takes.
  13. Let dry overnight.
  14. Vacuum the area thoroughly.
  15. Saturate the area with the vinegar mixture again.
  16. Use the brush to work the vinegar into the fibers and padding.
  17. Blot it until merely damp, using as many towels as it takes.
  18. Saturate the area with straight water.
  19. Blot it until merely damp, using as many towels as it takes.
  20. Repeat steps 18 and 19 twice more.

Rental Applications

Flagship Property Management here answering questions on the importance of rental applications.

The goal of any property owner is to have the best possible tenant. People move for all types of reasons but those reasons are important. Any home owner wants to trust the person living in their home, apartment, townhouse, etc. Rental applications are the perfect way to find out more!


Rental applications are essential to learning more about a perspective tenant. Rental references, three years of residential history, and monthly income are all taken into account when qualifying a potential tenant for a home.


For all properties, Flagship Property Management states, “To complete this rental application, you must be prepared to provide 3 years of residential history as well as contact information for your rental references. You will also be asked to provide information on your monthly income, and please note that most properties require that applicant combined gross income is at least three (3) times the monthly rent amount.”


Brian Corbett, owner and broker of Flagship Property Management, is an expert in the property management  industry and is happy to answer any questions you may have!