Evication Rescue Program

Tenant not paying rent? 

Is the tenant bullying you and claiming negligence? 

Not sure of landlord-tenant law?  

Do you know how to evict a tenant in NC? 

Here at Flagship Property Management, we do know how to evict a tenant in Greenville, NC properly and ethically. We also know the landlord-tenant laws and best practices for North Carolina. 

Flagship Property Management was built as a full service property management company. We were built by investors and for investors. Through the years we have managed many different types of tenants and situations that have allowed us the opportunity to take over problem tenants or properties and work the best we can at obtaining unpaid balances, handling tenant objections, or handling the eviction process. 

Our EVICTION RESCUE PROGRAM is designed for the investor that has a problem tenant. A tenant that is behind in rent, a tenant that is intentionally breaking the lease agreement, a tenant that is bullying the owner, and more. We call these tenants professional problem tenants. They think they know the laws and rules of rental property management and intentionally try to intimidate the real estate investor that is self managing their own units. 

Often times, we can work with the tenant to get them caught up on any unpaid balances, ensure the payment process is following the lease terms, and handle their issues within the lease agreement and laws. See our testimonials from owners! 

We can step in and take over your headache(s) with these situations. Whether your tenant is behind in rent, in the middle of an eviction process, or just a complete pain to deal with.